How to Check MSEB Bill Payment Status Online

Checking MSEB bill payment status is important to avoid duplicate payments. It is possible to pay your MSEB/Mahadicom bills using different methods. You can either use the official website Mahavitaran or other third-party websites or apps such as PayTM, Amazon, Google Pay, and PhonePe to pay your bills. No matter which method you use to pay your MSEDCL bill, you can check the status of your MSEB bill using the official website.

How to Check MSEB / MSEDCL / Mahadiscom Bill Payment Status Online

To check the payment status of your MSEB light bill, you should know your consumer number and your billing unit code (BU Code). If you don’t know your BU Code, you can find it with your consumer number using a simple trick. If you want a list of MSEB billing units, you can view it here.

Viewing MSEDCL Bill Payment Status Using the Official Website

You can view the status of your MSEB bill using the View/Pay Bill page on the official website of Mahadiscom. You can do it without logging in using a username and password. Follow the below link to go to the View/Pay bill page.

Go to the MSEB View/Pay Bill Page

Check MSEB Bill Payment Status

  • Type your consumer number
  • Type your BU code or select your billing unit from the list
  • Type the captcha code
  • Click Submit

MSEB View Bill

Some details including your consumer number, billing unit, etc. will appear.

  • Click on the View Bill link.
  • It will open your latest MSEB bill details.
  • Scroll down until you see the Pay Now button.
  • If the bill is already paid, you can see the payment details next to the “pay now” button. 

MSEDCL Bill Status Online

Otherwise, you can assume that the bill is unpaid and you can proceed with the payment by clicking on the Pay Now button.

How to Register/Update My Mobile Number, Aadhar, and e-mail With MSEB/MSEDCL

There is an Aadhar, e-mail, and mobile registration page on the MSEDCL official website. You can use it for registering or updating your mobile number, e-mail, and Aadhar. Click here to read a detailed guide.


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