Mahadiscom / MSEDCL / MSEB SMS Alert – Registration Procedure

Did you know that you Mahadiscom / MSEB / MSEDCL send SMS alerts regarding various things including information in advance about power cuts? For availing this service you should register your mobile number on MSEB / MSEDCL / Mahadiscom website. Read the rest of this article to know MSEB SMS alert registration procedure.

What kind of alerts are available through SMS?

  1. Meter Reading notification
  2. Bill Alert
  3. Payment acknowledgment
  4. Complaint acknowledgment
  5. Power outage notification

MSEB SMS Alert Registration

Follow the below link to go to the mobile number, Email, Aadhar registration page of MSEDCL / Mahadiscom / MSEB.

Mobile number | E mail | Aadhar Registration



For registering your mobile number, first of all, you should enter your consumer number and billing unit code (BU number). For a list of available billing units, click HERE

After entering both of the details click Search.

Your details registered with MSEB/MSEDCL/Mahadiscom will be displayed below. If you are already submitted to your mobile number when applying for a new connection, it will also be displayed. If You are planning to receive an MSEB SMS alert in that mobile number, there is no need to change your registered mobile number. You want to change your mobile number or you haven’t happened to register your mobile number with MSEB /MSEDCL / Mahadiscom yet? then click Update Mobile Number button and type your mobile number.

Next, select your language preference for receiving MSEB SMS Alert.

Available languages are,

  1. English
  2. Marathi

Next options are,

  • I want to receive SMS Alert

For receiving MSEB SMS alert, select this option

  • I don’t want to receive SMS Alert

For canceling SMS alerts, select this option

  • Delete mobile number

Select this option to un-register your mobile number

If you want to receive your electricity bill via e-mail, then fill up your e-mail id and select I want to receive e-bill.

You want to cancel receiving e-bills, then select option I don’t want to receive e-bill.

You can register your Aadhar number with MSEB /MSEDCL / Mahadiscom using this form. For this type your Aadhar number in the next text box.

After filling up the details check the ” I Agree ” checkbox and click Submit.

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